Successful integration workshop in Frankfurt/Main

On September 23 and 24, the IMAGInE partners from sub-project 4 - system and vehicle integration - met for another integration workshop at the DRIVE Center of partner Hessen Mobil in Frankfurt/Main. Objectives of the workshop were tests for sending and receiving complete Collective Perception Messages (CPM), tests of the cooperative environmental model and tests under realsitic driving constellations.

The cooperative environmental model developed in IMAGinE enables a representation of the environment that is expanded to include the perception of other road users. For this purpose, the sensor data of the individual vehicles are merged in an IMAGinE unit. This forms the platform for the cooperative environmental model and the cooperative functions. This expansion of the „field of vision“ can improve the interpretation of the surroundings and, based on this, can lead to better decisions for cooperative maneuver coordination. The cooperative environmental model is a central component in the IMAGinE vehicle architecture.

Collective Perception Messages (CPM) enable the exchange of information between vehicles and, thus, the mutual supplementation of knowledge about the environment. In addition to the CPM, the Maneuver Coordination Message (MCM) and the IMAGinE Driving Strategy Message (IDSM) were defined in IMAGinE as new message formats. During the joint workshop, complete CPM could be sent and received from all vehicles for the first time.

The joint workshop delivered good results and valuable insights as well as data that will be incorporated into the further development of the systems.