First milestone accomplished

The IMAGinE project has successfully reached the first of four defined milestones. With the "Framework specification of the IMAGinE system and functions" a detailed description of the jointly developed system architecture is now available. It names and structures the modules necessary for the implementation of the six selected cooperative functions in IMAGinE and the interfaces between these modules. Of particular importance are the modules that implement the cooperative maneuver coordination between the vehicles and are responsible for generating the common vehicle environment model. The modules are further divided into cross-functional (e.g. the IMAGinE environment model) and function-specific modules. Most of the work done by the project partners during the first nine months of the project has been devoted to the development of concepts for coordinating cooperative driving maneuvers.

The IMAGinE project has started with the aim of proving the viability of the named concepts on the basis of the exemplary selected cooperative functions. At the same time, however, the project also formulates the claim to develop a technology concept that covers as many applications of cooperative driving as possible. The framework specification now available represents the basis for the concrete technology development in the project. The implementation of the corresponding concepts in software and hardware as well as the integration in real vehicles for testing and evaluation are the next steps. The second project milestone, the completion of the development of these modules, is scheduled for summer 2018. The technology prototype available at that time will be presented in the IMAGinE interim presentation.