More efficiency through simulation

Simulation has become increasingly important in research and development projects. In IMAGinE, too, a simulation environment is used to develop and evaluate the IMAGinE system. This makes it possible to usefully supplement time-, cost- and personnel-intensive tests in real vehicles.

In IMAGinE, the work package „Technology-oriented simulation“ under the leadership of IPG Automotive GmbH is in charge of setting up a simulation environment that can be used across partners. In its current version, it allows

  • the simulation of several ego-vehicles with connection to the IMAGinE framework,
  • driving an IMAGinE trajectory through the virtual vehicle,
  • the provision of the IMAGinE road definition based on the simulation's own road format, and
  • a prototype visualisation.

For the work on the Cooperative Manoeuvre Planner and the Cooperative Environment Model, the interfaces to the simulation necessary for development and verification as well as specific simulation scenarios were created in close cooperation of all partners. For the development and testing of the cooperative environment model in particular, V2X data is required in addition to data from the local vehicle sensors. This data comes from messages that vehicles exchange with each other or with the infrastructure. The exchange takes place via Cooperative Awareness Message (CAM) and Collective Perception Message (CPM). The simulation environment was expanded accordingly.

As next steps, the synchronisation mechanisms will be extended to enable tests that are as close to reality as possible, e.g. that also reflect effects such as shadowing by other vehicles. Furthermore, the IMAGinE simulation environment is to be coupled to the SILAB driving simulator of the partner WIVW with the aim of creating a synchronised environment of both simulators in order to make it possible to experience the IMAGinE system on the simulator in later expert studies.