Integration workshop IX

On 4 and 5 May 2021, another integration workshop was conducted at the former airfield in Griesheim near Darmstadt. Objectives of the workshop were the verification of the extended signal chain, tests of the trajectories as well as driving tests of the IMAGinE functions F1 and F5.

The extended signal chain comprises the communication module waveBEE, the cooperative environment model and the software developed so far for cooperative maneuver planning, including the message formats Collective Perception Message (CPM) and Maneuver Coordination Message (MCM) including trajectories, i.e. a sequence of path-time points which the vehicles will drive. The trajectories were tested for plausibility and usability for cooperative maneuver planning. The implementation for message transmission via the communication module waveBEE was also tested. Furthermore, driving tests were carried out on the functionality of the IMAGinE functions in interaction with the autopilot using the functions F1 (Cooperative merging on highways) and F5 (Cooperative turning at junctions) under realistic driving constellations and scenarios.

Among other things, the joint workshop provided important insights into the timing of the driving tests. A smooth sequence of different driving constellations and scenarios is particularly important for the evaluation phase in order to achieve the highest possible reproducibility.