Development of the cooperative environmental model completed

In November 2020, the IMAGinE partners were able to complete the work on the cooperative environmental model. The work carried out was in a joint subcontract by in-tech GmbH and started at the beginning of October 2019 under the leadership of Mercedes-Benz AG. Since then, the development work has been closely monitored by the IMAGinE partners involved, and the results have been successively integrated and tested in the test vehicles. On October 28, 2020, the final part of the development work was successfully tested in a joint workshop in Frankfurt / Main.

The cooperative environmental model developed enables a representation of the environment that is expanded to include the perception of other road users. For this purpose, the sensor data of the individual vehicles are exchanged via V2X and each merged in an IMAGinE unit. This forms the platform for the cooperative environmental model in IMAGinE. But it is not a prerequisite for the implementation of cooperative functions. This expansion of the „field of vision“ can improve the interpretation of the surroundings and, based on this, can lead to better decisions for cooperative maneuver coordination.

Necessary optimization work in interaction with other components of the IMAGinE system will be carried out in subsequent integration workshops.