Second Consortium Meeting scheduled

After the successful joint kick-off at the end of November 2016, the IMAGinE consortium will meet for the second time in a large round in October this year. The host for the consortium meeting on October 26, 2017 is the Technical University of Munich. The IMAGinE project partner invites to the Entrepreneurship Center of the TUM in Garching near Munich.

On the one hand, the focus is on the presentation of the past and future contributions of the individual sub-projects to the development of the defined functions - specifically using the example of the IMAGinE function "Cooperative threading at junctions". On the other hand, selected thematic focuses of the first project year - including system architecture - are to be deepened.

The aim is to give the many new employees from the project partners who have joined the project in recent months a comprehensive view of what has been achieved in the project so far.